DELTAPLAST Kft. has started the PET preform production in 2002. At the beginning second-hand units were purchased in good condition, and these have been later on refurbished, meanwhile our exisiting dimension scale has been extended as well with purchasing of newer tooling inserts.

2005 was a significant year in the history of our PET division, because in this year a new ENGEL macPET moulding machine has been purchased with a 72 cavities tooling, by this our production capacity reached the 300 million pcs per year.

PET előformák
PET preforms

One of our valued customer - the Szentkirályi Ásványvíz Kft. – has multiplied its production capacity since the 2004 AQUA-EXPO of Paris, which has been supported by Deltaplast Kft. as well with its preforms in wide dimension and color range.

Beside the waterclear and light blue preforms we continuosly maintain stock from different colors for the more flexible customer service. Due to our good raw material suppliers relationships we are capable to produce individual colors even within 10 days.

With our improvements our company continously investigates the lower gramm weight preforms for our customers, by this the production possibility of cheaper bottles.

We have optimised all of our production processes by our computer based company management system.

To reach the goals formulated within the company’s quality and environmental policy-, the organisation operates and maintain quality systems according to the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009, MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 és ISO/TS 16949:2009 standards.

Our company has implemented and maintain a HACCP food safety system, because our PET preforms are used in the food industry.

Our target is to activly participate in the liquid materials packaging’s plastic technology, and to assist our customers to find the most optimal solutions to accompish their dreams.


Neck standard Weight   Length  Quantity 

 PCO1881 - SuperShorty 

(neck: 28 mm) 

16,0 g 88,5 mm 15.041
19,0 g 88,5 mm 15.041
27,0 g 127,0 mm 9.045
29,0 g 127,0 mm 9.045
33,0 g 127,0 mm 9.045
36,0 g 141,0 mm 7.560
39,0 g 141,0 mm 7.560


(neck: 28 mm)

20,5 g 98,5 mm 13.680
24,0 g 98,5 mm 13.680
31,5 g 133,0 mm 8.568
33,0 g 133,0 mm 8.568
35,5 g 133,0 mm 8.568
38,0 g 145,0 mm 7.062
41,0 g 145,0 mm 7.062
43,0 g 136,0 mm 7.200
47,0 g 144,0 mm 7.200

M38 - Milk
 (neck: 38 mm; 3 start) 

31,0 g 120,0 mm 7.000
37,0 g 120,0 mm 7.000

(neck: 62 mm; 4 start)

30,0 g 78,0 mm 4.600
35,0 g 78,0 mm 4.600

(neck: 18 mm)

9,0 g 73,0 mm 2.500


      • Standard colors: waterclear; blue3, blue6, green3, green6, yellow
      • Individual transparent color: red, purple ... (on separate order)
      • Shaded colors: white, black, metal, pink, blue