DELTAPLAST Kft. has closed in 2014 Aug. its tender submitted previously for the „Site improvement” project-, in form of the South-Plain Regional Operative program, published by the National Development Agency.


Tender identification: DAOP-1.1.1/E-12-2013-0136

On 2013.11.29 at DELTAPLAST Kft. a Health Day was closing the 1 year period of the„Health education and mind forming lifestyle programs – local places” tender.

In February of 2013 DELTAPLAST has finished its 1.5 years of ISO/TS 16949 implementation project with a succesfull certification audit. 


The „Production technology modernization and logistical improvements at DELTAPLAST Kft” tender submitted by DELTAPLAST Kft. has been evaluated as suitable for promotion by the Control Authority of the Economy Improvement Opretaive Program. The awarded promotion amount is 85 milion Ft.

In September of 2011 – earlier than expected – the machine park of DELTAPLAST is extending with an ENGEL 2550/400 injection moulding machine.